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Having a Healthy Heart in a Busy World with Tonilee Cullison

Does life sometimes feel unfair? Does your heart feel burdened because  all you do is work hard and strive to get ahead? In Having a Healthy Heart in a Busy World, we are going to examine how to let go of busyness and worry and learn to rest in His presence. We will be challenged to recognize distractions, doubt and discouragement and deal with burdens and setbacks. This study reveals what to do when we feel abandoned by God and are overwhelmed with countless burdens. By the end, you will come face to face with the unimaginable lengths God went to, to find and express His love for you. Plan now to attend and see what happens in your life when you stop making God your weekend home and make Him your permanent address.

Goliath Must Fall with Jonathon Duron

Most of us grapple with daunting challenges, the giants in our lives that hold us captive and drain our joy with their intimidation. These adversaries, such as fear, anger, and addiction, can insidiously establish a stronghold in our hearts. The six-session Bible study led by Louie Giglio delves into the timeless David and Goliath narrative, unveiling a transformative path to silencing these giants once and for all. By shifting our focus from the height of our challenges to the boundless greatness of God, we can witness these giants crumble, granting us the freedom to walk in the victory already secured by Christ, thus enabling us to reclaim the abundant life that is God's best for us.


Lead with others while serving in various areas together at Church.