At GraceValley Church, the notion of “Kingdom Builders” holds a central position in our church’s mission. Here is the “Who” and “What” of Kingdom Builders! The term Kingdom Builders embodies our entire church community (WHO) which carries out the great commission (WHAT) throughout the world. Our diverse Kingdom Builders community extends from the youngest GV Kids to the youngest at heart PrimeTimers, and to everyone in between. Together, we prayerfully commit to give over and above our tithes, directing resources towards global missions, local outreach, and cultivating future leaders. Everyone can be a Kingdom Builder! In truth, it’s not about the magnitude of the donation, but the willingness to possess a generous heart and to follow the Lord’s leading to give sacrificially to reach the world around us. At GraceValley, anyone who gives sacrificially, beyond their tithe, irrespective of the amount, is a Kingdom Builder!