Meet uUp & Eat Up

This summer is the perfect time to get involved and make an impact on the lives of kids all over the tri-city area. Every Monday, starting June 17th from 12-1pm, join us for Meet Up & Eat Up! This summer we are committed that no child goes without lunch! We will be opening up GraceValley to provide a free lunch for every child under 18. We will also have some fun activities such as face painting, crafts, and games! So jump in and volunteer to help us and invite any kids you know to come get a free meal. 

Royal Family Kids Camp

Royal Family Kids Camp is a special experience for both volunteers and campers alike. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to invest in the lives of children in foster care, many of whom have experienced trauma or abuse. There are several ways to get involved and make a difference. You can volunteer as a day worker and help out with activities such as arts and crafts, sports, and recreational activities.

One Week, One Street

An annual urban revitalization effort that brings together volunteers and donations from the Great Lakes Bay Region to clean and rebuild East Saginaw, helping to fight blight and bring hope, pride, and love to the community. Its mission is to demonstrate God’s love and grace, inspire hope, reduce crime and violence, and increase home ownership and values.

Pregnancy Resource Centers

By helping to fulfill the needs of mothers and children in our community, we are providing essential items to the pregnancy centers to ensure they have the necessary resources to provide the best possible care.


Heritage Homecoming

Homecoming is an oppurtunity for volunteers to come together and support our local high school. By serving food and offering a friendly presence, we aim to create a welcoming environment and foster a sense of belonging for everyone involved. Our mission is to show compassion, build connections, and uplift our community, bringing joy and positivity to Heritage High School and beyond.

Candy Palooza

Candy Palooza is an outreach event designed to provide a fun and safe environment for families during Halloween. We invite volunteers to create a themed display in their car trunk (e.g., superheroes, animals, Disney characters). an to join us in spreading joy and love by offering candy, games, and positive activities. Our goal is to create memorable experiences, share the message of God's love, and build bridges with our neighbors, emphasizing values of kindness, inclusion, and community spirit.

Join us in making a difference by volunteering for our various outreach programs, where every hand helps and every effort counts. Whether it's community service or international aid, your involvement is the key to transforming lives and creating positive change.